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hokuBIS CH Of Afrikka Hoku O Pupukea

tevaCH Deer Ridge Dream Weaver ROM

kelaCH Starridge Kela O Pupukea

ulaCH Pupukea Ridge Ula La      Hoku/Roxy

luluCh Pupukea Ridge Luluaina    Hoku/Teva

conner MBIF DC Pupukea Ridge Kekoa Koneli LCX2-MC-FCH   Hoku/Teva

dandiCH Pupukea Ridge Dandelion    Hoku/Teva

rileyCh Pupukea Ridge Mahiehie  Hoku/Teva

hekiliCH Pupukea Ridge Kahi O Hekili     Hoku/Teva

IkaikaMBISS MBIS GCH Pupukea Ridge Ikaika O Sprngvly ROM CGC TDI  Gatsby/ Teva  1st litter

DixieCH Pupukea Ridge Southern Diva O Sprngvly  Gatsby/Teva 1st litter

MaliaCH Pupukea Ridge Malia  O Sprngvly     Gatsby/Teva 2nd litter

WaileaCH Pupukea Ridge Waileanani Sprngvly    Gatsby/Teva 1st litter

GandalfCH Pupukea Ridge Gandalf O Sprngvly    Gatsby/Teva 2nd litter            

MaggieBIF DC Pupukea Ridge Makamae O Spring Valley MC - LCX Gatsby/Teva 1st litter


The dogs below are some of  Ikaika's offspring

SterlingCH Pupukea Ridge Sterling Influence    Ikaika/Ula

LokelaniCh Pupukea Ridge Low Key On Mason Ikaika/Ula

ManoGCH Pupukea Ridge Mano                Ikaika/Ula

DuggaCh Tucker Ridge Dugga Boy Simba Ridge Ikaika/ Ch Lilly Mandisa Tucker

KaulanaGCH Pupukearidge Kaulanaikamakua    Ikaika/Kela 1st litter

Kela Jr.Pupukearidge Kela Kai O Villagedogs Ikaika/Kela 1st litter

KeaPupukea Ridge Kealohi                 Ikaika/Kela 1st litter

KeiGCH Pupukea Ridge Kei O Ikaika         Ikaika/Kela 2nd litter

BuzzPupukea Ridge Ikaika's Buzz About Town Ikaika/Kela 2nd litter

KoaGCH Pupukea Ridge Makoa O Hawaii CGC Ikaika/Kela 2nd litter

CocoDaiblo's Designer Label                       Ikaika/Ch WestwoodShadoridge Hey Lil' Cobra

ZingCH Pupukearidge Surfari King                Ikaika/Kela 3rd litter 10-01-10

Koa BrownPupukea Ridge Kekoa O Ikaika         Ikaika/Kela 3rd

KinaCH Justiceridge Big Trouble In Little Kina Of Pupukea, DC          Ikaika and  Ch Kariba Justiceridge Aylamichele SC

HalleMazel Tov's Double Trouble

Ikaika and CH Ruya's Legend of Mazel Tov

KaomiPupupkea Ridge Pegasus On Paws     Ikaika/Kela 4th







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Pupukea Ridge Rhodesian


Tom and Barbara Peach
Haleiwa, HI

email: TPeach8156@aol.com 

Members of RRCUS  / Bay Area Rhodesian Ridgeback Club / Hawaiian Kennel Club and Hawaii Hound Assoc.

Contact us at Pupukea Ridge if you want more information about our Rhodesian Ridgebacks.


Lion photo by Tom Peach from our trip to South Africa



July 5, 2014

Barb The Dogs and I are moving to Northern California at The end of

this year. We won't be having anymore litters in Hawaii





Ikaika wins 1st place in  the 7-9 year old veterans division at the  2013  Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of the United States RRCUS show in Topeka Kansas, October 2013,  and also won 1st place in  Stud dog











Ikaika retires from his active  specials career in Oct. of 2010 and still finishes 2010 as the #1 RR Breed and All Breed. For the 4th year in a row.




Kei (an Ikaika/Kela kid), photo taken 9/2010





Ikaika graces the cover of  The Ridgeback

Ikaika wins his 11th All Breed Best In Show

Kennel Club Of Pasadena 6-5-2010
MBIS MBISS GCH Pupukea Ridge Ikaika O Spring Valley CGC TDI ROM
BIS Judge: Dr. James D. Sillers 




Last update 07/06/2014


Click Here to see: Current List of Litters  Due Sired by Ikaika



Ikaika has a Killer April weekend in Southern California

Wins the OCRRC Speciality for the 3rd time retiring the trohpies

Thank You Judge Mr John Reese-Newson


Then wins The Hound Classic Back to Back!!

Thank You Judge Mrs. Isabell J. Stoffers





Thank You Judge Mrs. Gloria R. Reese





Ikaika ends 2009 #3 Hound

#1 RR all systems for the 3rd year in a row

Breaks his own record, defeating 3245 RR in 2009



Ikaika Graces the Cover of the Winter issue of The Ridgeback Register


Click Here To See The Cover Story












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