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Flash: Kela started having puppies at 12:05 am        10-1-10

the last pup born at 9:35 am a girl, final count

8 boys and 4 girls

all healthy and ridged and all weigh about 1 pound

The Sire is Ikaika


Click links below to see weekly pictures

Puppies 7 days old

Puppies 2 weeks old

Puppies 4 weeks old

Puppies 11-10-10 5 weeks  4 days old

Puppies 7 weeks old


Kela/Ikaika litter born 10-01-2010

8 boys 4 girls


Kela waiting to have the puppies 9-31





Kela and the puppies 1 day old 10-02





10-04 sad news, Boy one started going downhill yesterday, we gave him extra feedings and love but we lost him at 5pm this evening. Very hard on Barbara and I. This is the first puppy we have ever lost out of all our litters.

10-06 more sad news, we lost boy five yesterday, 24 hours after boy one. What ever caused this is hopefully done, it's been another 24hrs and the remaining 6 boys and 4 girls are very strong and healthy. In addition to nursing on Kela, Barb is feeding them every 3 hours around the clock, We will be posting individual pictures tomorrow.