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Kela Jr

Pupukearidge Kela Kai O Villagedogs

Kela Jr. now lives in Belguim With the rest of the Village Dogs Kennel.

Here is a link to The Village Dogs Website, their you will find a link to Kela Jr's own




Just wanted to share with you the results of Kela’s last show. Kela is 6 1/2 months old at this show.

I have picked an International show in Holland to test Kela on the very experienced Rhodesian Ridgeback Judge. Mr Joop Hiddes is an ex vice-president of the Dutch Rhodesian Ridgeback Club. In the attached picture he is the guy wearing orange tie.

Although I am very pleased (while being super critical) at Kela’s progress, I find very constructive to let others, especially breed experts, to express their opinion. Also, in Holland, each judging comes with detailed written critique. Very valuable learning exercise.

Kela did super good and won the best Female Puppy and then the BOB Puppy. This is what Mr. Hiddes had to say about Kela:

........6 months, very attractive female, beautiful head, good eye, good bite, excellent front and breast bone, super feet, good body for the age, well angulated, ridge and crowns correct, very good mover........

Needless to say, I was super happy with the result. Kela, in addition to her good looks has very open, welcoming personality. She wins everyone with love and doesn’t take ‘no’ for an answer.






Kela Jr. 4 months old





Kela Jr. 6 months old